Hillary’s Fashion Faux Pas

We have about half a year to go before we vote for our next president of the United States.  Politicians address certain issues for their followers to let everyone know where they stand on controversial ideas.  These candidates act like the ‘average joes’ of America, dressing down to casual clothes and dining at the local hotspots with the townsfolk.  It’s like watching a real life wolf in sheep’s clothing concept where they are leading everyone into the same political mindset for our country.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton missed out on that important PR trick with the latest social media uproar over a jacket she wore in New York City.  Her rally was addressing the issue of gender inequality, but her high-end jacket said otherwise.  A recent article by the New York Post mentioned that the jacket was designed by Giorgio Armani and was worth $12,495.  Even though this campaign rally happened almost two months ago, social media users are losing their shit over her fashion faux pas!

Giorgio Armani is a famous Italian fashion designer who is most noted for designing menswear.  Armani was credited for pioneering the red-carpet fashion experience when the world of fashion was just branching out.  The jacket itself can be found on the website as ‘Coat in Napa Lambskin’ and is currently on sale for $7,497.

This colorful jacket is made of multi-colored Napa lambskin cut into strips and woven on loom with a contrasting silk thread.  It is made of 100% goatskin with a round collar on the neck and contains multi-pockets on the side.  Each sleeve is measured at 3/4th length and there is a snap button closure for the front.

Hillary and Bernie are in a close race for the lead of the Democratic party.  Our current runners for president so far are Hillary, Trump, and Bernie Sanders.  It all goes down to the final two later on in November!

I must say that Hillary’s fashion faux pas was a bad political PR move there.  When acting as running candidate, it is very important to connect with your audience in every level.  You always need to keep in mind about what you do and how you act around your supporters so that they don’t lose hope of you.  It’s blatantly ironic that she was discussing gender inequality while wearing a luxurious jacket designed by Giorgio Armani.  Who would take her seriously wearing something like that?  As an ‘average joe’, I certainly wouldn’t connect with her on any level if she was wearing something like that.  It may seem crazy that so many people are on an uproar about a jacket, but it was her mistake for wearing it in the first place.  Wearing that $12,495 jacket sent a wrong message to her audience, especially the women who are struggling with gender inequality issues in the workplace.  Hopefully she will learn from her fashion faux pas so that her audience can have a deeper connection with her.


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