Mortal Kombat Wins! Drunk-Tality!

Video game companies release merchandises as a promotional marketing tactics to promote their star character.  Franchises like Super Mario Brothers or Angry Birds have gained lots of popularity through merchandise items sold around the stores.  Such merchandise includes hats, apparel, toys, posters, food, and even protective covers for your cell phone!  Other than raking in more profits, companies are promoting these items in order to augment the story of these brands.

Some companies work with food and beverage organizations to launch limited editions of certain food products.  Warner Brothers is currently working to release a limited edition of Mortal Kombat-themed craft beers.  You heard me right…Mortal Kombat X beer is officially hitting the shelves later this year!

The Mortal Kombat X franchise will be releasing 3 limited edition craft beers that will feature three famous characters.  Warner Brothers will be teaming up with Global Beverage Traders and Sound Brewery to release the line of beers related to Sub-Zero, Scorpion, and Raiden.  Sound Brewery is based in Poulsbo, Washington and offers handcrafted beers in a kid-friendly environment with a tasting room.  The three beers being launched are Raiden Imperial Stout, Scorpion Imperial Stout, and Sub-Zero Imperial IPA.

Sub-Zero Imperial IPA is an Imperial India Pale Ale with an alcohol content of 8.5%.  The Raiden Imperial Stout has a blast of hops and COT that will hit your tongue with a bang!  Raiden Imperial Stout has an alcohol content of 8%.  Scorpion Imperial Stout will sure to bring fire and ice into your glass!  This mixture contains Southwest chilies and cooling Madagascar Vanilla Bean that pairs with exotic notes produced by their own yeast strain.  The Scorpion Imperial Stout stands with an alcohol content of about 8%.  All three beers will come in 22oz bottles and will be available through limited releases.

Mortal Kombat isn’t the first video game franchise to provide their own licensed brewed beers.  Activision released a Call of Duty themed craft beer to promote the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops III on November 6th, 2015The brand is Call of Duty: Black Hops III and was brewed by Black Hops Brewing in Australia.  Call of Duty: Black Hops III is a classic American pale ale with hop aromas of pine and citrus fruit.  Those hops are fused with specialty roasted wheat to create that deep rich black color without any of that harsh roast or bitter flavors.  It is basically a pale ale beer that has been painted black.

This was a really unique marketing promotion for video games!  It was interesting to view another angle of marketing video game trends and the rising interest of craft beers in America.  I happen to be a craft beer enthusiast myself and I would love to purchase this somewhere.  Mortal Kombat has always been a great game to play growing up and I am familiar with the characters from the game.  With the release of the Mortal Kombat X-themed beers, it would be great to see other companies utilize craft beers to promote their star characters.  Characters like Super Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog would make for a great promotion through craft beers.  Promoting that nostalgic factor would be great for reaching out to the young adults in their 20s-30s who played those games for years.  Craft beers is an interesting promotional idea for video game companies to build the story of their popular characters


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