Boston Calling Music Festival 2016

As the weather starts to warm up, hundreds of venues release their set list for the annual music festivals.  Music festivals are held each year, showcasing hundreds of artists who are headlining the 3-day event.  From Bonnaroo to Electric Forest, all of the young hipsters and hippies gather around with their friends for action-packed weekend with the best bands.  Each music festival caters to all kinds of music genres, so you’ll never be disappointed about not finding your favorite band in the mix!  The Boston Calling Music Festival is just one of those events that happens during the summer season.

Boston Calling Music Festival is a 3-day weekend event that takes place in May and September.  Each festival is held at the City Plaza, just mere steps away from Quincy market and various stations on the blue line.  Some featured artists at the event included Sia, Sufjan Stevens, The Vaccines, Battles, Courtney Barnett, City and Color, Odeszy, and other bands from around the area.  Two stages were built for the concert, so fans had to flock back and forth to the next stage when a new artist was about to start.


Before entering the event, patrons had to enter security checkpoints to receive their wristbands and have the IDs checked.  People were only allowed to carry a certain number of things in order for the event to go smoothly.  Tickets were present either through printed copy or through the email on their phone.  Any person who was 21 and older could enjoy the selection of beers and wine available.

If your favorite band wasn’t playing on stage, you could wander around the food and beverage vendors nearby.  Tasty Burger was cooking up delicious burgers on the grill and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse was grilling some steak kabobs.  Beer was provided by Sam Adam’s since it is the popular craft beer around Boston.  Other than Sam Adam’s, Wicked Wines was also distributing wines for people to enjoy.  Wicked Wines is currently located in Framingham and their products can be found in liquor stores and supermarkets.  Some other tasty treats available were pizza, chicken fingers, French fries, ice cream, lemonade, and even fried Oreos.


While I was at the concert, I got to hear from some really good bands.  One unique band was Battles, a progressive/art rock band hailing from New York City.  Battles was a funky, experimental band that incorporated quirky sounds into their music.  Ian Williams, John Stanier, and Dave Konopka all rocked out for the audience.  I loved their music because they mixed a lot of unique sounds into their songs, which was really creative!


Another notable artist I enjoyed was Courtney Barnett.  Hailing from Australia, Courtney was a grunge/indie rock star known for her witty, rambling lyrics.  She had that grunge style, wearing casual T-shirts and jeans while rocking out to some humorous tunes.  As well as being the lead singer, Courtney is also one of the guitarists for the band.  Courtney gave a terrific performance for the crowd!

Overall I had a wonderful time at my first music festival!  I have been to lots of concerts while I was in college, but I have never attended any festivals before.  My friends from Champlain College were always talking about attending these events and it sparked my interest.  What got me interested in attending was seeing my favorite bands on the set list for some of the events.  Seeing bands like String Cheese Incident or Phish up on the list got my excited since I haven’t found the time to see them live.  After Boston Calling Festival, I am definitely up for attending more festivals around the country.



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