An Ode to Life After Graduation

As of Saturday May 21st, I have officially graduated from Salem State University.  After being in college for the past 5 & ½ years, I will now venture out into the real world.  All of these feelings of happiness, excitement, frustration, sadness, anger, and anxiety have lead me to learning about the journey into life.  Homework and grades have now been replaced by work and pay raises/decreases.

Like millions of other graduates, I am completely unaware of where life will take me.  All of those long commencement speeches encourage students to be bold and take those roads less traveled to explore exciting ideas along the way.  Some of what I have to say comes from those cliche speeches, but it also comes from my personal experiences.  Here’s my personal takeaway from these overwhelming past few weeks:

Congratulations to everyone who graduated this year!  You have now entered this thing called ‘The Real World’, where you must work to strive for the life you want.  It’s exciting, it’s overwhelming, and you have no goddamn clue what is about to happen.  You’ve probably stalked your friends’ Facebook to see their “exciting” news they share with everyone (my bf & I are engaged! We’re pregnant!).  Friends, family, and other accquaintances may have provided you with countless advice about how to achieve the goals you want in life.  College may have prepared you with the knowledge, but nothing can ever prepare you for what surprises life has in store for you.


There will always be a beginning, middle, and end whenever you first start reading a new book.  A book introduces you to the new characters you follow, what their dilemmas are, and how the overcome their obstacles in the end.  Right now you are in the middle stages of life where you don’t know how things will get sorted out and THAT is the scariest shit that is on everyone’s mind right now.  Everyone is scared of the UNKNOWN, what lurks beyond your comfort zone outside of your hometown.  Some of your most burning questions will finally be answered once college is over.  Will I figure out my dream job?  Where do I want to live in the world?  Will I ever find the right guy/girl for me?  Am I even making the right choices?


As far as I know, you’ll have to answer those complicated questions yourself.  I started MakeSandcastlesNotWar solely for the purpose of expressing my passion of entertainment through blogging.  What started as one blog post introducing myself to the world has now become a daily habit of blogging about interesting news within the entertainment industry.  Truth be told, I honestly don’t know where this blog will take me in life.  I know that I will continue to write about subjects pertaining to entertainment, but maybe it could be shifted towards unique stories that I have never heard of.  Maybe I will throw in stories pertaining to fashion or pornography or environmental issues.  At the end of the day, even I don’t know what the future holds for MakeSandcastlesNotWar.


I know that I am not alone when I say that I am scared shitless for what life has to offer me.  You can set up all the plans you want, but life will always throw you surprises every step of the way.  Some of you may know what you want to do and that’s good, while some of you have NO idea what you want to do and that’s good as well!  Life isn’t ever figured out after college, but that is what makes the journey so interesting.


It’s OK to be overwhelmed with all of those advices and tips that everyone tells you about how life works.  At the end of the day, you should feel EXCITED about what’s to come next after graduation.  Maybe you’ll find the guy of your dreams or land this new job that you end up loving because of this new hobby you discovered.  You may be venturing into the unknown, but some of those surprises could be life-changing.


All I have to say now is: GO FOR IT.  Take charge, explore new places, and make mistakes!  Search for the guy/girl of your dreams, find the job that YOU want, and don’t be afraid of any opportunity that comes in your way.  I believe it was the theme song for United States of Tara  that says, “I know we’ll be just fine when we learn to love the ride”.  Once you learn to love the ride, you will be ABSOLUTELY fine.  Just sit back, work your magic, and watch life unfold through your very eyes!



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