My Adventures at Game Over! Boston/Gronk’s Party Bus

After a long day of work at the office, it’s always great to wander around Boston.  Happy hours start at the bars, bands are playing free concerts in the Commons, and people are out searching for fun activities.  I spent my Tuesday night heading towards South Boston to hang out at Laugh Boston.  What was so special happening at my destination?  Game Over! Boston.


Game Over! Boston was an event for adults to play classic video games with their buddies.  The event happened at Laugh Boston in 425 Summer Street within the Westin Hotel at the Seaport district.  People could choose from thousands of video games to play with from various consoles.  Such consoles included the Nintendo Entertainment System, SEGA, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and many other gaming systems.  Other than video games, there were various board games laying out on a table.



All of these games were run through emulators, a special program utilized to play nostalgic games right off of your computer.  People can search for emulators online that cater to certain console games that they haven’t played in years.  About 10-12 screens were hooked up with gaming controllers by the table and a big screen TV was put in the center as the focal point of the room.



There were food and drinks for people who get wiped out from all of that gaming fun.  Other than the typical beers on draft, special cocktails were designed based off of things within the video game atmosphere.  One notable cocktail was called Luigi’s Fireball, a drink mixed together with different ingredients to resemble the fireball from Super Mario Brothers.  Each of these cocktails ranged from $9-$30, with the expensive drink being Hadouken’s Fishbowl.

After being wiped out from gaming with the other patrons, I sat down to have my beer.  I spoke with Lance, one of the employees that was running the show.  Lance remarked that Game Over! Boston has been running since last September and they have pop-up shows two times a month.  I told him that I am excited to see more events like this around Boston.

Once I got tired from gaming, I walked out of the Westin Hotel only to see this huge bus in the front.  The bus was advertising Rob Gronkowski’s Monster Energy and it just so happened to be used for Gronk’s partying tour!  Gronkowski has been known for touring around Boston with his fans inside the party bus.  Two employees I spoke with worked for Monster Energy, driving around Boston and selling the popular beverage.



Last night was a lot of fun!  I am grateful that Boston hosts these unique events around the city.  Video games will always be ingrained into our American culture and we should continue to bring this culture outside of our basements.  Playing new titles that are out are always fun, but the best times are going back to the classics.  Millennials grew up playing the Super Nintendo or SEGA system, only to wander into a bar and play their favorite game with their friends.  We have always been connected through video games and events like Game On! Boston only brings us closer than ever.  Sure we’re playing games through our smartphones when riding the T, but nothing will ever come close than sitting down with that Super Nintendo controller in our hand.



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