Battle of the Bands

Colleges always have fun events happening within the last few weeks of the Spring semester.  With everyone freaking out about final exams and massive amounts of work to complete, it makes sense to provide some stress-free activities for the students.  My former college Salem State University is chock full of those fun events, including a ‘Battle of the Bands’ concert.



Yesterday I attended the first ever Battle of the Bands philanthropy concert at Salem State University.  The Battle of the Bands concert was held from 2-7 PM and featured various band competing for 1st prize.  This was hosted by the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity chapter of the school and it took place at the James L. McKeown Memorial Plaza.  Most of the proceeds went toward benefitting veterans who were searching for mortgage-free available homes.


The concert itself was free, but there was a $10 charge for people who wanted food and drinks.  Food included burgers, hot dogs, chips, and various toppings for your meal.  Beer and wine were sold at the beer garden where young adults can socialize about the show!  There was a 3 beer or wine limit on your wristband that you receive at the gate.  Raffle tickets were also sold to provide people a chance to win some cool prizes.  Prizes included a box filled with snacks, a popcorn bowl filled with DVDs, and a beach package with everything you need for a trip to the beach!



There were seven bands that played their set during the event.  Bands that participated include GUDSFORLADT, Good Intentions, Man Behind the Curtain, The Frauds, Sway Casey, FREEVØ, and Everyday Astronauts.  Each band played a different type of music genre such as black metal, hip-hop, electronic powerhouse, and classic rock.  Good Intentions was a cover band for Fall-Out Boy and they sang the classic hit “Sugar We’re Going Down”.  Listening to that tune took me back to the emo/punk scene I was fascinated with during middle school!


Many students took time from their busy schedule to check out the bands that were playing.  Some people threw the Frisbee around while others played the popular corn hole game.  It isn’t a real college environment without playing the classic corn hole game with your buddies!


After hearing some amazing bands play some tunes, it was now time to reveal the final scores!  3rd place went to the energetic hip-hop group Sway Casey.  The 2nd place prize went to The Frauds.  Everyday Astronauts ended up taking the 1st place prize for being the best band at the concert.


I had a great time attending this free concert at Salem State University!  It felt good to venture back to my old school to hear some unique bands rock out.  This was a fun event to reunite with my old friends and I even made some new friends of the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity.  All of this was for an amazing cause to help veterans find a good home after returning from the perils of war.



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