My Adventures at the Boston ‘Grown-Up’ Museum

Boston is always the best city to wander around during the Spring and Summer time.  Lots of pop-up events happen once the weather gets warmer.  Yesterday I went out to one of the pop-up events at the Boston’s Children’s Museum, or what was formerly called Boston’s ‘Grown-Up’ Museum.

The Boston ‘Grown-Up’ Museum opened on Thursday at 6-9 p.m.  Young adults ranging from 20-30 years old entered the museum for an action-packed night full of fun.  Patrons were challenged to show off their expert corn hole skills, hurl fast balls at the speed pitch game, and even take the last giant Jenga block without letting the tower fall down!  People also raced to the top in the three-story Climb, a big netted play area to climb up on.  Climbing up that play areas was hard for me because I didn’t have the energy like I used to when I was a kid!



Food and drinks were provided for the ‘grown-ups’ while they played around at the museum.  Some of the food sold included pretzels, steak and cheese subs, Italian sausage sandwiches, hot dogs and loaded nachos.  Adults could help themselves to a beer or wine and walk with their friends to all parts of the event.



I stood in line to grab a Harpoon IPA.  As I stood waiting in line, I noticed these creepy dolls inside the glass cases.  These creepy dolls seemed vintage and old, looking like they were staring at all of the customers!  With a beer in my hand, I ventured out to start my journey around the place.


My adventure started in the ‘Arthur’ room, which consisted of activities related to PBS’s Arthur cartoon.  There was a big bookcase display of many Arthur books that I used to read in elementary school.  In one room there was a map of Elwood City and guests were asked to find the characters’ house from the series.  Other than the Arthur room, there were some activities related to the spin-off series Postcards From Buster.


Once I had enough of the Arthur room, I made my way to the ‘Kindergarten’ area where I let my imaginations run wild.  I made a cool triangle structure with these plastic square blocks I put together.  Just like the Arthur section, there was another bookcase filled with old picture books I used to read.



Over in the 2nd floor was the sports section that provided many physical challenges.  There were 3 basketball hoops with funky backboards getting in the way of the rim.  Nearby the court were two rock-climbing walls that you had to wall-climb around.  Within the middle of the floor was a lit-up LED dance game where people had to avoid the red ball coming at their way.


Another fun exhibit I wandered around was the ‘Construction Zone’ area.  This area was all about the world of construction, providing child-like construction equipment for everyone to play with.  All around the floors were black rubber pipes to crawl into.  Just like the ‘Kindergarten’ exhibit, there were wooden blocks for creating tall buildings.


One of the last areas I looked at was the ‘Peep’s World’ exhibit.  Peep’s World consisted mostly of water activities with toys that collected water.  Nearby the water area were foamy blocks that you could connect through small or big holes within the shapes.  Someone actually created a throne out of the foam blocks, which was really impressive!


Overall the Boston ‘Grown-Up’ Museum was a success.  I had a ball walking around the museum and acting like a kid again.  After a long day of work, it felt great to blow off some steam by climbing up the netted play area.  Being an adult can be frustrating sometimes, so it is always great to find events that let you release your inner childhood.  We will always be growing older, but we should never forget the kid inside of us.  Our minds were fascinated by every little thing that we discovered when we were young.  It’s events like the Boston ‘Grown-Up’ Museum that always remind us of the simpler things in life.




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