Go PowerPuff Yourself!

In the digital era, animated series have been creating games where users can customize their own avatar to spread awareness of their show.  These avatar games provide clothing and accessories to dress up their customizable character.  Comedy Central released the South Park avatar page where you can create a personal South Park avatar.  Cartoon Network recently released a Powerpuff Girls avatar game called Powerpuff Yourself.

The Powerpuff Girls premiered on Cartoon Network in November 18th, 1998.  The series centers around superheroes Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup in the city of Townsville.  Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles are called in by the mayor to help fight crime in the city.  Their father, professor Utonium, takes care of girls after a hard day of fighting evil villains.


With the reboot of a new season, Cartoon Network created the Powerpuff Yourself app on powerpuffyourself.com.  After viewing various avatars on Facebook, I decided to check out the popular app.  You work with a dummy body who has no clothing or hair in the beginning of the game.  The avatar could be female or male and you can change their skin tone to be either lighter or darker.  There are various pair of eyes to give for your character.  Some eyes include evil eyes, heart eyes, eyes with rainbows, stars, skulls on fire, and even cute puppy-dog eyes.  Color choices for your character’s eyes could be black, blue, brown, purple, pink, and grey.


Once you give your character some vision, you’ll want to find a mouth to go with your avatar.  Some humorous ideas could be having him/her stick your tongue out, make a kissy face, or even slapping on some braces to make them be a teenager!  There were different kinds eyewear to choose from, including a virtual-reality headset that wraps around their head.  Once you give your character a face, you’ll want to choose a hairstyle for your boy or girl avatar.  If you don’t want to give them any hair, you could make them bald if you choose to!  Other than regular hair, there are different beard/mustache combos to give your character some facial hair.


Now that you are done crafting your avatar’s head, it’s time to shop for virtual clothes!  You can choose many tops and bottoms for your character to wear.  Once you have them fully clothed, you can choose some accessories to spruce up your avatar.  Choose from accessories such as a skateboard, pets, or even musical instruments for them to play!  You can even pierce their ears to give them diamonds or hoop ring earrings.  If earrings and hair aren’t that interesting to you, baseball caps always make a good choice.  After carefully crafting your avatar, you can now choose their background to live in.  Background ideas range from forest to pink room of hearts.  Let your imagination run wild with this cute avatar game!

My character I created has short blonde hair and is sporting a 5 O’ clock shadow.  He has grey evil eyes and has a wicked grin on his face.  His clothing style include a black leather jacket with a white T-Shirt tucked underneath.  Underneath his jacket are blue shorts and yellow shoes for walking around the forest background.


Playing around with the Powerpuff Yourself app was a lot of fun!  There were so many customizable features for creating your avatar.  What’s interesting was that the avatar game was gender neutral so you could give your male soccer player a tutu and diamond earrings.  Once you complete your powerpuff avatar, you can download your avatar as a wallpaper or GIF.  Friends can even share their creation on Facebook or Twitter to show off their avatar creativity.


This whole avatar app was sparked by anticipation of the rebooted season of The Powerpuff Girls that premiered on April 4th.  News of the new season broke the internet after the surprise announcement by Cartoon Network.  Creating this avatar game was an amazing PR idea for Cartoon Network to raise awareness of the rebooted series.  Fans of the classic animated series can connect with each other through the Powerpuff Yourself app.  Anyone who is a fan of the series should unleash their avatar creativity on this game.


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