Public Relations: Writing My Way to A Bright Future

My first blog post I ever wrote was for the Public Relations Student Society of America at Salem State University.  I joined PRSSA in 2013 after shifting my career focus on public relations.  While joining PRSSA, I attended numerous meetings and wrote a bunch of posts for the activities’ website.


But how exactly did my career in public relations get started?  It all began in summer 2013 when I was searching for schools to enroll into.  One of my choices was for Salem State University and I wanted to start with a major in marketing.  When I first made my enrollment, I was faced with some dreadful news: I wasn’t able to enroll as a marketing major because my former GPA from Champlain College was too low.  Anyone who wanted to enroll as a business major needed at least a 3.2 GPA.


It didn’t turn out all that bad because the employees at the registrar’s office informed me that I could start out as a communications major.  The communications major did not require that high of a GPA to be enrolled and he assured me that I could always switch majors.  With that in mind, I declared myself as a communications majors as soon as I raised my grades during the first semester.

A little over a few weeks and my plans completely changed for the better.  My first original focus was on media studies because I was unsure of which area of communications I wanted to dive into.  I was enrolled into a few communications classes to understand each area of communications.  Other areas of focus that the professors discussed were journalism, media production, advertising, and public relations.

I never knew what public relations was about when I was in high school let alone while I attended college.  Advertising and journalism were the most familiar to me, but I was curious to learn more about public relations.


In October I attended a ‘Meet Your Major’ communications dinner to meet with other communications students.  With my pasta dinner at hand, I sat with at a table with Nick and Tathiana.  Nick provided a great explanation of what public relations was by using a water bottle to discuss what PR professionals do.  He basically explained that the purpose is to persuade people on why they should purchase this water bottle instead of the other product.  Other than providing explanations about public relations, he discussed various connections he made within the entertainment industry.

Hearing about these ideas got me excited because I was interested in the kind of work I could get into.  I have always had a passion for all things entertainment and it was great to finally find a career that follows in line with my passion.  My discussion with Tathiana and Nick captured my interest in public relations.  With that, I shifted my communications focus towards public relations and declared marketing as my minor.

Within the next year, I started attending Public Relations Student Society of America.  Each meeting was held on Monday at 12 PM and we discussed what was occurring in the world of public relations.  Other than providing the daily news, we would help each other out with preparing a career within our field.  Activities that we would do include ice-breakers, resume-building skills, mock interviews, and other fun projects.  I was intrigued by all of the benefits the club had to offer.


At the end of the day, I am so glad I chose to pursue a degree in public relations.  I have met so many amazing connections and learned a lot about myself as a writer.  With each semester I complete, I have seen my writing grow stronger and stronger through each assignment.  Not only have I gotten a lot better at writing since high school, but I actually learned to enjoy the type of writing I worked on.  Public relations helped me combine my passion for entertainment with my advanced writing skills.


Never in my wildest dreams would I be able to find a career path that I would enjoy doing.  It has been an amazing journey as a public relations student and I wouldn’t trade it for anything at all.  College may be over, but I know that the journey has only just begun.




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