SeaWorld Drops Curtains on Orca Shows

I just found out some incredible news last week – SeaWorld is going to end all breeding of killer whales within their buildings.

SeaWorld, a notorious sea park showcasing sea mammal shows around the country, is starting to phase out their iconic orca breeding programs from their theme parks.  This will be the last generation of killer whales being bred in the water tanks.  Yearly attendance dropped dramatically, causing officials to make drastic changes in SeaWorld.  The SeaWorld officials are trading in the barbaric theatrics shows for a unique natural encounter with the killer whales.


Much of the backlash stems from the infamous documentary Blackfish.  Blackfish was released in July 19th, 2013 by Magnolia Pictures and premiered on CNN.  The film introduces audiences to the growing concern of orca captivity in SeaWorld, giving insight to the heavy consequences of keeping them held captive.  Many of the orcas attacked their trainers due to being trapped for so long.  Trainers even manipulated important facts about orcas, claiming that their inhumane procedures were right.


I was so ecstatic about coming across this news because Blackfish was the first blog post I wrote about for the Public Relations Student Society of America at Salem State University.  I wrote numerous blog posts for the chapter’s website while attending school for my degree in Communications.  Writing those blogs motivated me to work harder on my writing skills for my future career in public relations.

After hearing about the amazing breakthrough, I am relieved that SeaWorld is finally taking action.  Employees heard what the people wanted and they answered.  It’s amazing how a provocative film like Blackfish can awaken the minds of millions of people.  There is no such thing as bad publicity because something gets done at the end.  We can be entertained by movies, but we can also learn through their lessons.

Link to my first blog post can be seen here: Blackfish Post


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