Cracking the Mysteries of Egg Rock Island

Yesterday I took a walk around Nahant Beach on a perfect sunny day.  It was just like any other day walking through the beach, hearing the waves crashing into the sand while jamming out to tunes.  As I roamed through the beach, I noticed this strange island just miles away from me.  The island was just a mere few miles off of Nahant, surrounded by the crystal clear water.


Peering to that island made me wonder what creatures lived off of the area.  Were there any inhabitants living there?  Animals hibernating for the winter? Sea creatures that were laying their eggs within the sand?

My curiosity got the best of me and I conducted research of the estranged island.  After locking down the coordinates through Google Maps, I discovered that it was called Egg Rock Island of Nahant Bay.  Egg Rock Island consists of 3 acres of land and was formerly known as the sight of a lighthouse.  The lighthouse was titled as Egg Rock Light, a quaint lighthouse that guided lost travelers within the Atlantic Ocean.


Egg Rock Island is currently owned by the state of MA as a bird sanctuary.  You can view Egg Rock from Lynn, Swampscott, Nahant, and other nearby areas.  Swampscott even has a hotel called Egg Rock Inn where you can view the island from all rooms of the hotel.


I’ve always loved being on a small island surround by miles of ocean water.  During my family vacations on cruises, I wandered around multiple islands while the ship was in anchor.  It would be amazing to own a whole island for myself.  Owning a house is one thing, but owning a huge island is a whole other exciting story!  There’s nothing better than having a huge lot of land consisting of sand, ocean water, palm trees, and creatures swimming around the sea.

For those residing within the Lynn/Swampscott/Nahant area, I highly recommend checking out Egg Rock Island during your next trip to Nahant Beach.  Egg Rock Island is easy to spot from the beach when you’re going on walks with your friends and family.


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