Where Do I See Myself Living?

During the last part of my earlier post, I mentioned that I wanted to move away from the city.  I have thought about moving to a new place for quite a while to explore new places.  One reason for relocating is to get away from the dense and confined spaces.

After giving it some thought, I conducted research on certain areas that I would be interested in heading out to.  I compiled a small criteria based around cities and towns I loved venturing to in the past years.  Here is my criteria list of what I am searching for in a city and town within the country.

  1. 20-30 year old demographic – When I move out to the new destination, I want to make some new friends who are around my age. I am always up for meeting new people who have the same interest as I do.  Right now I am a young, energetic adult looking for some friends who would show me around the area.  I don’t want to be in an area with people too younger or too older than me.
  2. Great single life – I am single and ready to mingle! As I set forth to my new home, I am looking for that special someone in my life to spend quality time with.  When it comes to relationships, I can be old-school in the sense that I’d like to know someone for a few years before I commit to a serious relationship.  My adventure has just started and I’m not looking to rush into being a relationship so quickly.
  3. Small-medium population – My population limit would be at least 700,000 citizens. I’m a social creature who loves going out at night, but it can be overwhelming for me when there is a large population of people in the area.  Keeping track of friends gets hard as I get older and living in an overpopulated city would make things frustrating.
  4. Located near Beach/Ocean/Lake – Personally I LOVE being near the water. Being near some body of water is very relaxing to me because it’s an oasis that I can escape to when my life gets too crazy.  I also love the idea of having an ocean view to look at in my own home.  If it’s not the beach, I could certainly settle for a lake or running river within a forest.
  5. Warmer climate – I consider myself a cold-blooded mammal who loves basking in the warm sun. There’s nothing better than waking up with the sunshine and breezy air in the early morning.  Summer has always been my favorite season and I don’t care for winter very much.  It would be wonderful to relocate to an area where there’s no such thing as sleet, snow, slush, or anything related to winter.  My new scenery would consist of bright sun, breezy air, and barely any clouds in the sky.
  6. Liberal – I am an open-minded person who is always ready to explore new and unique ideas. It is always exciting to hear about intriguing laid-back policies that would drastically change our country for the better.
  7. Reasonable prices on rent/food – Before conducting research on states on the western region, I was so fixated on the idea of moving to California. That fixation changed due to the high cost of living that I noticed within the state.  If finances weren’t such a burden, California would be my top choice to move out to.  Right now I have to settle on a state where the overall cost of living is on the lower end of the spectrum.  I couldn’t ever see myself struggling through paycheck to paycheck just to live another day at home.  When I settle into my new home, I would like to have more than enough money to be able to go out with friends and do fun activities.



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